They Say

You can’t do with your life that which you want, they say.

Be a good boy, get good grades,

Get into college, study hard,

Graduate with honors, land a cushy job,

And work like crazy to better your life, they say.


You might get in trouble, in living life your way, they say.

Don’t trust your instincts, they spell no good,

Don’t take risks, yet follow the trodden path,

Don’t overcomplicate your life, take it as it comes.

Why not swim against the tide? Never you mind, they say.


They have spoken.

But what say you?

What will you make of your life?

Your fate awaits your willful guidance,

It listens oh-so closely

To what you have to say

And make it count.

It is your life.


I was walking on the street, when all of a sudden I felt like writing about choices and opinions of others. Pulled my phone out of the pocket and sketched the general idea, then finalized the whole piece once at home.

How strongly are your decisions affected by what others might think about them?


5 thoughts on “They Say

  1. WOW, Very excellent way of writing,
    You know this is what they say, only they say, it is easy for them to say, how hard for being passed the stages by yourself will not be easy, you will feel the bitterness of life while walk between the satges of life suffering and struggling, but for them, it is easy to say only they say what they want you to be, not as what you need to be!

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  2. “They” are those who live in frustration, not capable of breaking free. They are always trying to wrap the chains of sameness around all who will listen to their call, “do it my way”. Congratulations, You are breaking free.


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