Man On The Bridge

Well, look at me

Trembling with glee

On top of the bridge.

Oh, my drinking binge…

A gun in my hands,

Tears on my cheeks.


I do have to wonder

If that’s really it.

Man, what a blunder

Is my final defeat.


And there I stare at my hands,

At the gun, wet with my sweat.

All that must give me shivers,

Yet I’m sure that I’ve no dread.


Wait, is it all pretty bad?

Let’s see, life is all sad…

Oh, well, change nothing you can?

No, I’m just but one mere man…

So, you’re giving up it all?

Oh, it will be such a fall!

Taking an easy way out?

Yes, it’s time for me to bail out…


And just then out of nowhere

Appears a man with white hair,

With his round face being bright.

His presence feels like frostbite.


So he walks towards me,

Sighing, and shaking his head.

What is the future ahead?

With your choice I do disagree.


In a fatherly manner,

Hand on my shoulder,

The old man starts talking.

Oh, I’m truly sleepwalking.


It’s not as bad as you think.

You’ve a wife and two kids.

That is why your heart bleeds?

I clearly see the man wink.


Now you are out of job.

Trust me it can be fixed.

That’s no reason to sob.

Plus you still do exist.


Stock market crashed real hard.

Your savings are all disappeared.

But you have one trump card

Your life is still to be cheered.


Please wipe your wet tears,

Get away from deep fears,

Stop shaking, clean yourself up.

It’s not hard to really man up.


Drop that devilish gun.

Madness can be undone.

Come off the cursed bridge

And stop that drinking binge.


Get back to your wife.

To the light of your life.

Hug your beautiful kids.

They look calm in the cribs.


And as for the money…

That really is funny.

As you further succeed

You’ll have all you need.


My shoulder he patted,

Nothing else being added.

I blinked and did shake my head.

The old man has apparently fled.


Yet his speech made me sober.

The gun plopped in the blue water…

Worried bystanders were watching.

I came off, they started applauding.


Next evening was the most beautiful time,

Let alone the happy years that followed.

The old man was right, I managed to swing

My petty misfortunes into life in its prime.



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