Hi there!

My name is Ilya (yes, just like the french “il y a” = “there is”) and welcome to my little writing blog, where I write pieces, long and short, and papers, serious and silly.

Writing style runs the gamut from free verse poetry to whatever that might tickle my fancy. During a day, a sudden thought hits me, I play around with it a bit. Then I start writing, letting words flow in whatever manner it feels most suitable, and my mind takes it from there.

Here’s a quick rundown of some facts about me:

from: Dresden, Germany
in: Moscow, Russia
speaks: Russian. No, I don’t speak German.
learning: English, French (mental exercise like no other)
likes: languages, books, writing, music
studied: Hospitality (BA)
Lemieux? This pseudonym has a funky French twist to it.

The very creation of this blog was inspired by the writings of Hussein Allam. I owe you one 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi IIlya, I just wanted to share how much glad to know more bits of you, knowing your new starting blog gives with different styles forced me to watch your blog site on daily basis, which it is very interesting to know people who have passion to write things match the reality , which it does make sense, therefore, I need to show here my biggest gratitude respecting to you and your blog too, however my mind’s abilities has run out of thoughts to express more about my feeling toward you, in addition my abilities become so limited in this kind of situations for you showing you, that I. am so pleased to be one of your passionatedfollowers, What you do is really motivating and keeps me uplifted is your new blogs style. To know that addressing me, consider my confidence to be increased. It keeps me inspired while you writing in this way, it is heart touching, your blog become so shine. Finally , I really appreciate that you’ve taken such an interest in of own blogs, I believe you have a unique style too, and I am grateful the way you’ve stepped on your new site. Keep it up. Trillion thanks, IIlya! ❤️🌹


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